Don't Forget to Cancel!

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Cliff Gardner

August 7, 2018

Tee times through services like GolfNow or, or directly from a course, are secured with a credit card and have cancellation policies. Which, as you know, means you typically have 24 hours prior to your tee time with which to make modifications or cancel entirely. If not, you can be charged for no-shows. The course is just trying to recover lost revenue by not being able to sell that tee time.

So, lucky you. You take on that risk by supplying your credit card. Did they confirm your invitation? What about getting back to you in time before the cancellation window closes?

MyGolfClubTeeTimes - Takes the Pain out of Dealing with Cancellations

The sweet spot of MyGolfClubTeeTimes is to take the pain out of dealing with cancellations and finding replacements. We alert you when your foursome has not confirmed, well ahead of your tee time. (We alert you when everyone has confirmed too.)

Plus, should anyone cancel, you get notified. And upon cancellation, anyone from your group or club can immediately search and find open spots -- all online. Finding a replacement could not be easier.

Confirming your foursome and finding replacements takes precious time with back and forth emails and phone tag and is not as efficient as viewing player confirmation status online.

So, save your money - the service is completely free (for now )

Take the risk of cancellation fees totally out of the picture by signing up for a ... Free Trial