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Cliff Gardner

June 5, 2019

Last week, some changes were launched.   Based on some very valuable feedback before the holidays, we went to the drawing board and came up with an alternative (if not better) way of managing and viewing group events more intuitively.

There is more than meets the eye here.   Wanna tee it up and see who wants to play?   The Calendar is the starting point for sending out event invitations.   You can pick a day, add course information, notes or comments and a Reply By date.   Then the magic goes like this:

  • Event information is broadcast to your entire group
  • Every member gets an email about your proposed event, which includes links to click to reply Yes or No by the Reply By date    (you don't have to login to RSVP!)
  • Replies and tallies and are viewable online by everyone in the group (now you can see if your buddy is teeing it up or not   (no more sifting through email or texting!)
  • When the Reply By date passes, the RSVP timeframe is closed
  • Player pairings of those that responded 'Yes' and tee time assignments can be made and are viewable online    (Drag and drop names into pairings or randomly assign them!)
  • Players will be emailed event details
  • Not enough responses?   Cancel the event...it's YOUR calendar.
  • Event Info
    Player Replies
    Player Pairings
    Game Setup

    It's A Shared Calendar For Your Group

    Try it Now: Login with 'demo' and 'golf@@JUN'

    So this is where things stand:

    Right now, this view supports the process for those that want to figure out who is playing first, then get tee times.

    Click on the Tee Times link, and you'll see a view that supports those that get a tee time first and knows exactly who their playing parnters are.

    Which do you prefer?   I think both perspectives have merit and I like having options.

    I'm currently seeking groups of golfers to try this out this service (free of course).   Not sure and want to give it a whirl "right now"?
    You can...

    Sign in (upper right button) with ID 'demo' and password 'golf@@JUN'