Got a Work Golf Group?

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Cliff Gardner

August 9, 2018

I've always wanted to play in a work golf group. What's great about work golf groups is that they already have something in common (the workplace) and it's a great way for like-minded (i.e., golf enthusiasts) to get together. Problem is, it's usually a logistical nightmare figuring out who can play and get confirmations when setting things up. Plus, just as nightmare-ish, it's usually up to one person to get the message out and sift through all the email responses. Even if you setup reocurring meeting invites, you still need to sift through repsonses for confirmations. And what about last minute cancellations? Oh, and if you already made the tee time, you've got to be mindful of the cancellation policy so you don't get charged. Enough.

This is precisely why I created the service: MyGolfClubTeeTimes. For the relatively small casual golf groups as opposed to the large organized tournament-like groups. Many of us (me included) cannot get out as often as we'd like. But when I can, (especially at the last minute) I'd love to easily see where my buddies were playing and if there was a spot for me.

Take the hassle out of a organizing casual rounds of golf

The service is perfect for not only sending tee-time invites and allowing players to confirm or cancel online, it also allows group members to see all the posted tee times and search among them for open spots (cancellations). There is a feature that allows you to post open spots immediately and let the group grab them too.

So, say goodbye to monitoring emails or managing spreadsheets - and get into the new millennium way of things. The service is FREE. Learn more at: and be sure to check out the FAQs.